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If you’re wondering what Faptasticlist is and why it exists, I’ll explain it to you right away: we are talking about a directory of porn sites committed to having the complete definitive collection of the best porn sites and sex web channels entirely dedicated to the world of porn. Inside, you will find lists that contain safe and reliable pages, no shit fucking money or installing viruses. The best porn videos and sex movies are at your disposal. To achieve all this, it takes a lot of work and time and considering the first months of life; I dare to say that we are doing a great job. The goal is to offer you everything that the world of porn can offer you, helping you always find what you are looking for.

Forget annoying pop-ups or pain in the ass banners because you will never find any of this here: there are already enough of them on various porn sites.

Why go all the way to create one place where anyone can find all the free and non-free porn videos in the world? Simple: I’m the first aroused in my country. Whenever I looked for pornography as a boy to shoot my first teenage handjobs, I felt crazy. I often found crappy or otherwise disappointing sites; I had no reference points other than talking to my friends, who are also novices. Surely, I wouldn’t ask mom or dad if they knew something from the top of their experience. And even with my older brother, I have to say that it has never been a major topic in our conversations.

I always wondered why there were bidding sites for any sector but not for pornography. Hence the idea and the desire to make it happen: I imagined thousands of other young people like me who do not know where to turn their heads to see the quality. But what if there was a unique list of XXX sites easily found on Google for everyone? It would be the turning point! And here we are. Over the years, I have observed the birth and growth of two splendid projects, such as The Porn Dude and Porn Geeks, which come very close to what I have always dreamed of achieving. Unlike them, however, I am not looking for content to generate traffic, but I have the desire to inform myself and, above all, to inform the world of all that the pornographic sector has to offer. Ok, the classics Red Tube, PornHub, YouPorn are famous and of excellent quality, but why limit yourself to the usual three sites and not explore everything the web has to offer?

Furthermore, I am not alone in this adventure. We are a whole team of graphic designers, programmers, writers, web professionals, all rigorously always horny and experts in the world of pornography. Hey quiet girls, because we are not just nerdy men who think about squirting in their underwear every day. There are also our super hot girls participating in giving the best content for everyone.

This is because we really want to make something unique and mind-blowing. We don’t want to limit ourselves to a simple list. Everything must be functional, simple, clear. You have chosen us to select the best videos and red light sites for our guests, and we treat you as such. Whether you want to watch family filth, young girls sucking cock, gangbanged, super sexy lesbians, men buttfucking, older men fucking, we don’t care! We are not here to judge but to put you in a position to take advantage of the best hard content you can find online.

What free and safe porn sites can you find on your list? How did you rank them?

At Faptasticlist.com, you can find all the best free and SAFE porn sites out there on the web. Over 110 streaming video containers featuring amateur and cinematic sex scenes. It took a long time to find them all, and they are still missing, I’m sure. Others are yet to be born, but for the moment, here you really find the best content available online. Thanks to a lot of research, we have managed to gather all the most visited sites. We used them actually to see and evaluate their quality. If they are on our list, they have passed a rigid test because we are bigots, and therefore, we want the material available on our site to be always the best.

Sure, ordering everything efficiently was the hardest part. To make sure each site was safe and reliable, we had to test them all on our own skin. And I can assure you that we have been through many hardships between Trojan horses and shitty sites of all kinds. In the end, however, it is a job that gives a lot of satisfaction because it allows you to eliminate all the junk that is around and select only high-quality stuff. And if all this happens within a single site, where you can find free and safe porn videos, doesn’t it become extraordinary? In any case, each of us has our own tastes; what for me might be the best porn site won’t necessarily be the same as yours. Graphics, design, content, simplicity are all aspects that each of us evaluates in our own way. But one thing I can give you the guarantee: whatever your favourite site is, you can find it on Faptasticlist.com, with no surprises of any kind. Always remember to install a good antivirus to eliminate any doubts and enjoy all the porn you want without the slightest thought.

How and why trust your free porn site rankings? Antivirus and recommend

I don’t think anyone in the world likes to have viruses and diseases on their computer. Well, I can assure you that I am not the exception that proves the rule! I can guarantee you that all the sites on Faptasticlist.com have been checked and verified; those shown malfunctions or other problems are not worthy of being on our magic list. Of course, I remind you that hackers are stronger and more knowledgeable on the subject than me, so don’t hesitate to install a good antivirus on your computer. I would also like to give you some tips that can keep you safe from any problems while you are enjoying your beloved porn movies:

  • – Install reputable antivirus software or turn on Windows “Defender” mode
  • – Consider an AdBlock to be able to view porn videos without too many ads. But remember that some sites need to turn it off if you want to see the best content
  • – Always keep your web browser and your operating system up to date; it will help you identify threats to your computer in advance.
  • – Even if you’re as horny as a walrus in heat, use your head! Don’t get the pea’s blood flowing too quickly. If some sites require you to install extensions from unknown sources, think twice before doing so; you never know what can happen to you
  • – Don’t be a turtle dove. Ignore all the classic threatening messages where they tell you that your computer is infected or maybe you have to pay a ransom to the FBI. They will lead you to install antivirus customized by the authors of the message, which at that point can really infect all your data
  • – Ignore the emails. Especially if they end up in the spam folder. Let’s face it, a super sexy girl can hardly offer you a good blowjob in the car under the house, for free and without ever having seen you. Most likely, a smarter nerd than us is trying to rip us off. Maybe he’s not as smart as he thinks he is
  • – Use your brain first, then your cock! Always! Like a good big brother, if a situation seems suspicious to you or content too difficult to recover, do not be guided by your friend as hard as marble. You could end up in nasty surprises.

How can I thank you for all this, Faptasticlist? Share!

First of all, you can safely send me your email address to send you my IBAN code to make a nice deposit of 50 million dollars. It should be enough for a while! Seriously, the fact that you have chosen Faptasticlist.com for your quality saws already makes me happy and proud of my work, the best coin I can receive. In a nutshell, you can share our list on your social channels, especially Twitter, where it’s full of horny babes like us looking for good hard sex videos. Follow our channel on Telegram and share our page with your single friends; let them enjoy it even only with their eyes! Becoming a large united community is one of my main goals, as mentioned at the beginning. The more we are, the more content you can find, more porn videos for everyone, more tasty handjobs for everyone! Whether you have a hard cock or a wet pussy, we are all part of a huge family: those with a great desire to fuck! Let’s let as many people know as possible, and we will become millions.

How can I contact you if I have a question? By email!

If you have special questions, doubts, suggestions, or are interested in learning more about what lies behind the fantastic world of Faptasticlist.com, I am always at your complete disposal. Our “creature” is taking shape, and your suggestions to improve it are always welcome! The goal of creating a passionate and large community of wankers also includes the interaction between people. There may be newborn sites that we don’t yet know to add to our list of porn sites, improvements that we didn’t think could be useful and are loudly requested of us by many people. Everything converges towards one great goal, transform our site into the most stuffed and complete diffuser of quality porn in the world! We do not reply immediately; it may take a few days, also because we receive communications and messages from all parts of the planet, and it takes a little time before we can reply to everyone. But with a little patience, we will make it, I assure you! In the meantime, you can always shoot yourself a couple of wankers; it’s never a bad idea.

Since you find the best porn video sites on Faptasticlist, we don’t post all the new channel reports we get. We are very strict in the selections; only the highest quality and, above all, safe contents are entitled to appear in our list. And if you’re the owner of a porn site, it won’t be enough to bribe me to get your work on our list. However, I can give you some advice based on my experience and what I have seen over the years to improve performance and increase ease of use:

  1. 1) Don’t overdo the advertisements. We all want to make money, but there is a way and away. Flooding your audience with advertising will only make it escape: how boring all that time wasted skipping promotions! We want to splash as soon as possible.
  2. 2) Take care of the design and layout of your porn site, both desktop and mobile. You never know where avid fappers are coming from and which device they want to jerk off to while watching your content. Make everything fascinating and clear right away.
  3. 3) Make streaming porn videos fast and seamless. Make sure all your visitors can watch the free porn videos without too much hassle. The fewer popunder than 30 seconds, the better!
  4. 4) Allow downloading your favourite videos. People are animals of habit: once something good is found, it is difficult to replace it. Offer your users the option to download porn videos, help them enjoy their favourite filth, and you will be their king!
  5. 5) Focus on quality content, not quantity! 10 excellent videos are much better than 100 that you can’t even see. If you want a chance to get on Faptasticlist.com, you have to be at least like the best porn sites around. Please, the legal aspect is an important issue, so no videos without authorizations or anything like that: we are not here to contribute to anyone’s inconvenience! On the contrary, we try to make it fly away lightly, with a nice splash.

Latest thoughts on free premium porn videos featured on Faptasticlist.com

I often receive comments and considerations regarding the contents of XXX videos on the sites belonging to our list. I want to remind you that:

  1. 1) I am not the owner of any of the porn sites featured, so I am not responsible for the posted content either. We only take care of reviewing the best material in the world dedicated to the world of pornography. If you find something that offends your sensitivity or wants to report, contact the owners of the sites in question directly.
  2. 2) I’m a master of the porn world, but I don’t know any girls willing to have sex with you! I’m not Merlin wizard nor Brad Pitt, I can direct you to the best dating sites and sex webcams I know, but I can’t do more. I am not a distributor of prostitutes, nor do I want to become one.
  3. 3) For all religious fanatics, blue knights hardened feminists: tell me how I can get you to convert to porn and fall into the world I’ll try! We want Faptasticlist to belong to everyone, and we care that the contents are all legal, approved and of quality.
  4. 4) Are you a young girl who wants to show me her tits, her ass or her pussy? Gorgeous, feel free to send me your photos! Indeed, we can also meet if you like; I have a wonderful collection of wine at home .. Or books if you prefer!
  5. 5) Bookmark Faptasticlist.com on your search engine, so you have a quick and direct link to your favourite collection of porn sites. Alternatively, download one of our mobile and desktop wallpapers and become the biggest quality online sex ambassador in the world! The more we are, the more we have fun.