It was way back 1994 when a man named Andrew Conru created Web Personals, the first online dating site. Two years later, once sold Web Personals, he decided to create a Friend Finder site, one of the first social networking sites in existence. However, just a few days after Friend Finder officially went online, Conru and his team noticed that most people used to post naked pictures of themselves or used the channel to beg to get fucked by someone, which is something rather obvious considering that deep down, all social networks are born with this goal. provided the first adult social networking site, years before Mark Zuckerberg conceived  ​​Facebook and years before Myspace. These can be considered the nasty origins of social media none ever told about. Unfortunately, I would add, what a do-gooders world.

Instead of scrolling through your Facebook and Instagram wall looking for the first friend or colleague who posts a slightly uncovered photo of her, letting you dribble a little drool from your mouth and forcing you to retrieve a pack of napkins as quickly as possible, I highly recommend you to move into Adult Friend Finder.

Big, but crafty.

Its only real competitors are, Tinder, and OkCupid. In 2007, Adult Friend Finder was listed as one of the 100 most popular websites in the United States – awesome sauce! The site also won the Dating Software of the Year award at the XBIZ Awards in 2010; also voted it the best adult dating site in 2012.

Pay attention, please. However, there is a serious criticism that is commonly raised on Adult Friend Finder (and for a good reason, after all). Before you consider joining this site, you should know that Adult Friend Finder has been accused of systematic billing fraud. Not bad, huh?

Listen, the thing is absolutely terrible, just thinking about it. Especially for a website that requires you to pay to fuck, and that’s everything you basically do. Hardly to breathe on Adult Friend Finder without being charged a fee for every single sigh. You can register without entering your credit card information, but don’t expect to be able to talk to anyone (or even look at profiles) without providing them later. Everyone is free to act as he prefers, but perhaps the stimulus is slightly lacking considering the past precedents.

If you pay, you play.

That’s right; you can really do many things once you drop the grain at your own risk. Among the main activities, you can send messages to people, participate in private chat rooms, view webcams and read blogs. You can also send “flirts”, add photos or videos, and comment or like other people’s posts. Of course, everything has a price. If no credit card information is entered, what you will be able to see will be nothing more than small pieces of people’s profiles, usually useless and tasteless information such as name and profile picture, leaving a  bad clam in our mouths, and the handkerchief in the package. 

As for the matter of “someone tried to send you a message”, perhaps it is better to deepen: I do not exclude that it may really be so, but in the opinion of many, these are pre-set chatbots created specifically to make the site look very lively and dynamic. Obviously, it would not be surprising if this were the case, considering that almost all sites have these pitfalls; their goal, in the end, is to make the pages as active as possible, encouraging the interaction between horny people who are more involved and the more they want to spend their money to reach their perv target. If I also think about the scam they put in place in the past, where Adult Friend Finder kept charging aroused old men months after deleting their profiles, I don’t think they have much of a problem with moral scruples. If these thoughts of mine are disproved, then we are faced with the best site to go and fuck on the internet.

First you pay, and then you fap.

To summarize the general opinion on this site, it can be said that it is fairly well designed. Counting the number of activities that can be done on Adult Friend Finder, the site designers have certainly done an excellent job presenting everything in a very clean and easy to understand way. The layout is very similar to classic social channels like Facebook: a thin menu bar at the top, lots of custom options in a list on the left side of the page. At the top right the messages, while in the centre you will find the news feed. The first time you enter it, you are immediately at ease, and you already know how to move. This demonstrates its ease of use and great intuitiveness.

If you have an unlimited amount of money to enjoy on the Internet, you are sure you can have such a good time on Adult Friend Finder. However, if you live in the real world like me and have to consider every single expense to survive, you probably won’t pay three fucking bucks to view a person’s profile, not behind a freezing dusty screen. Or worse still, a dollar for a single message. One dollar, one message. The final point is that Adult Friend Finder certainly isn’t cheap. However, I advise you, check yourself, if you are calm and sure about moving on the internet and having the possibility to put a lot of money without giving up on dinner, you could get really cum. Have a nice fap!

Faptasticlist got a boner with AdultFriendFinder because

Faptasticlist goes soft with AdultFriendFinder because


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