We all know Chaturbate, especially when miswritten as “chaterbate”, the fault of the enthusiasm and the desire to scramble the hammer we have between legs. Once to see a nice pussy and tits, you had to go to the worst places in the city, risking being stay dry. Lucky, the internet has changed all this and thanks to webcams it is possible to see the same exhibitionist sluts of the past comfortably seated from your own home. Chaturbate.com is like a global directory of those webcam stars.

Many people agree with the definition of Chaturbate show on the website: “The act of masturbating while chatting online”. Gorgeous! Just defining a simple gesture like masturbating art is pure poetry for our fapping ears. Since my dick is hardening in front of all these tits, I’d say it’s a good time to try Chaturbating.

Like a free tube, but for real

Chaturbate has a very nice logo and an especially light colour scheme. This is definitely in contrast with the typical dark appearance of the more traditional sex sites found online, making the whole page almost “family-friendly”. I say “almost” because the page is covered with webcam whores masturbating and couples fucking like monkeys, so maybe not the most suitable content for the little ones. For a few more years.

An example of what you can find on Chaturbate is a hot MILF groping her tits in what appears to be an office or a young blonde with a cock in her mouth that shakes it hard, or a couple of lesbians kissing and many, many beautiful girls in their bedrooms, with very few clothes on and above all as horny as salamanders. It is easy to guess their age, it is shown next to their names, and they’re so young: 19, 20, 21 and 22 among the most popular. There are also older women among them, but the old slippers hardly have the charm of the past, except for some drug addict nymphomaniac willing to do anything to dunk his biscuit.

Basically, the various webcams on the Chaturbate home are shown in the foreground. Usually, these are single girls, straight couples and also lesbians. At the top, you can also filter for Female, Male, Couple and Trans.

Legends recount that Chaturbate is fucking free, but it seems like nothing is really free in life. Least of all, porn. Yet this time, the legends speak the truth. Here you can directly access the sex live cams without incurring annoying pop-ups.

Once inside, a message appears in the chat saying the show starts in 14 minutes. Holy shit! The show hasn’t even started! It is a pleasure because, in the meantime, another nasty pig has taken action. A naked dude gets the girl stroking his cock with her foot. Let the pleasure begin!

I’ve been looking at all of this pretty much as soon as I landed on the website. Welcome to Chaturbate. You will certainly enjoy your stay. It is no wonder that this site receives over 250 billion hits per month. You got it right, 250 billion visits a month: we are so much, with plenty of spare time.

At the same time, on a chat, you can find more than 7,000 connected users watching, many of them commenting and even more giving tips.

Just tips

It’s all about tips and tokens. Below the videos, there is a counter of current tokens and a button that says “Send Tip”. This allows you to show the slut your appreciation. Your total Chaturbate Tips is listed next to the link to purchase more. By the way, stay away from the so-called “Chaturbate token hack”. It is a virus. Nobody likes viruses unless you are a virus yourself.

However, while the process can be complicated and cumbersome, there are real benefits to tipping. First of all, girls will often thank you by name, which will make you horny like an eel. Secondly, if you give the paid tokens, you can ask them to do whatever you want, and they will do it without blinking an eye. The countdown pressure makes me realize that the time available to masturbate is coming to an end. Once the votes have been counted and the token added, the show agenda is defined: “Sex with both girls in various positions, anal sex with the brunette and cumshot”. Admission price: 100 tokens.

If you want to throw tokens at the talented lady, you will need to log in. One thing I like about the registration process is that they don’t even require an email. It is optional and is used for friend requests and the like.

Typically, 100 tokens cost around $10. The more you buy, the cheaper they cost. You can also get 200 free tokens if you upgrade your account. It unlocks the private messaging section, which you’ll probably want if you’re the kind of silent pervert who wants a personal relationship with webcam girls.

Premium subscriptions definitely don’t drive me crazy. Chaturbate’s biggest problem is just that tokens can add up quickly if you’re not a cheapskate. Chaturbate (often misspelled as “chaturebate”, “chaterbait”, “chaturbait”, “chaturabte”, “charturbate”, “chatirbate”, “chaterbate”, “chatterbate”, “chatturbate” and “chatubate”) is certainly one of the best live sex webcam sites on the internet. They get an astonishing amount of traffic, which guarantees great shows 24 hours a day. Chaturbate is pro-level pornography and maybe our new favourite webcam destination, of course after MyFreeCams. Watch and jerk off young pervs!

Faptasticlist got a boner with Chaturbate because

Faptasticlist goes soft with Chaturbate because


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