You may remember when came out about ten years ago. A 17-year-old girl created it from Moscow: Chatroulette has really changed the classic video chat model via webcam. Instead of just being able to chat with a person (who you usually also know well), suddenly anyone in the world could start chatting with you without you even knowing who he is and having no way of finding out. Teenage girls have been the main users of this site, seeing it as an exciting way to spend Wednesday nights chatting with strangers on the internet and getting horny like hungry hyenas. As you can imagine, old hogs looking for fresh meat could not be long in coming to such a site, and so Chatroulette became a topic of debate among parents who did not know how to keep their children away from that site. A bit like what happens today in general in the social world, even if the question is decidedly more thorny. One psychiatrist even called it “too dangerous for children as a predator’s paradise”. Personally, I have never been on Chatroulette, reading various articles and talking to people who have experienced it; after less than a year, the site had become just a large accumulation of old perverts masturbating in front of the camera.

Even though ChatRoulette is still active, they have tried to curb this behaviour typer. For example, they have expressed themselves explicitly to discourage the use of their site for any sexual purpose and have modified their terms and services to emphasize that pornographic content is strictly prohibited. Do you think that they have even developed an algorithm capable of understanding when a face different from that of a person is presented in front of the camera. Can you imagine how many fake and real peas the person who created the algorithm had to see? A huge sea of ​​cocks.

Despite the complicated path that Chatroulette has taken, many porn entrepreneurs have seen the opportunity to go and operate in a totally new market. This is how sites like and dirty roulette were born. Leaving aside the unimaginative names, using the Chatroulette model of random video chats (integrating the ability to quickly switch to another person), they allowed aroused flabby old men from all over the world to show their dirty cocks.

It's not all tasty what cums!

All this to introduce to you. A small, very content website: it consists of two screens one above the other (on one side your chat partner, on the other your person), a chat window on the right, a series of control buttons (start, arrest and girls, more on this later), a disclaimer stating that you need at least 18 years to use the site and a long final description explaining how to use the site. Proceed with the login, enter your gender, click on Start and allow Dirtyroulette to access your webcam and microphone. At this point, you’ll be ready to have super hot video chats with beautiful sexy sluts from all over the world.

What happens at this point, and the longer you stay, the more you understand that it will be like this for the rest of your minutes, mostly hairy thighs, hairy cocks, mostly old men, and nothing you were looking for. But trying to click on the famous Girls button, something exceptional happens: you are directed to a new URL which is, a version set in the same way as the original, but instead of seeing only old horny hairy apes you find above all real sexy girls rolling around on their bed in panties. Definitely better. A message appears on the camera screen to allow the site to use Java. Otherwise, you are unable to interact with the girl. By clicking Accept, you are asked to confirm the age of the majority. It is, therefore, easier for a 13-year-old to see thousands of hairy peas of old men rather than beautiful girls ready to make your dream.

But the real rip-off is yet to come: after a series of personal requests such as email and registration to a site called, another registration is requested and so on, until you decide to understand where you are and come back to. thinking they can finally start your dirty video calls. Instead, nothing, bitter surprise, everything is requested again, as if is actually a whitelist for Myfreecams (of which you can find a review later). One solution could be to change the name to dickroulette, perhaps better, certainly clearer.

DirtyRoulette is tasty but does not undertake

In short, for straight guys, there will be no great satisfaction on dirtyroulette, but if you are interested in dicks and old men, then it is the right place for you! Another not indifferent detail is the quality of the videos you can find on Dirtyroulette: all the cocks appeared quickly, without any delay in the video, with a sharp and well-defined image. It also provides a great escape valve for all those repressed old people looking for young and greedy possibilities to masturbate and enjoy their old age in total serenity.

It is a real shame that such a simple and easy-going site totally lacks valid content. Dirtyroulette is definitely a dick lover’s paradise. However, there is not much attention paid to straight guys, so for all of us, the search for a truly decent roulette site must continue. And unfortunately, it doesn’t seem easy.

Better relax your eyes now and visit Myfreecams, so we forget all those flabby balls we have talked about so far. Good fap to you!

Faptasticlist got a boner with DirtyRoulette because​

Faptasticlist goes soft with DirtyRoulette because​


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