If IncestFlix is ​​reminding you of the name of a famous American company which is a video streaming platform, you’re on the right way: this is the Netflix of “taboo” porn, better known as “incest”, yes, it’s reality. You can find it on Incestflix.com. The logo is practically the same as that of Netflix but adapted to a more perv theme, with the same bold font and the iconic red writing, arranged with “Incestflix” and positioned at the top of the page. Surprisingly, the online streaming giant has never claimed a copyright infringement. It’s hard to think that Netflix is ​​happy to see their brand alongside a porn context, even if, in my heart, it could prove to be an excellent advertisement aimed at a new kind of customers. However, the only similarities between the two sites remain only inherent to the logo because otherwise, the differences between IncestFlix and Netflix are ​​obvious. The site’s layout is totally different from that seen or used by other tube sites or video aggregators. The panels with the videos that scroll according to the logic of the recently added, most viewed, in the foreground, etc., are not presented in order but are proposed in the form of thumbnails randomly on the home pages; also, there is no list of pages to click on.

An alternative design to be evaluated

They have chosen to forgo typical tube site design by preferring a single package with around 20 thumbnails, flanked by an “Update” button at the bottom. Obviously, the difficulty for geeks will be to save the video and watch it later. Every time you hit the Update button, you get another random pack of videos, totally different. From the dawn of time, I have been opposed to this graphic mode: why should you make me a slave to the random choices of an algorithm when I already know the stuff I’d like to see? Why are you complicating my life? Your job as a porn site owner should help me and make my life easier, but it feels very much the opposite to me, especially when searching for new content. Another strange thing about this site is that videos are visible in a single screenshot instead of the usual screenshot series, which perhaps gives you a preview of what you will see when you hover over it with your mouse.

The site design feels really crude, which doesn’t seem to pay off. Furthermore, the initial comparison with Netflix puts a lot of pressure on the frustrating created layout. If you want to be compared to Netflix, why not add the features that really work on their site to yours, as well as copy their name and logo? It would be really cool if this site were structured similarly to Netflix, with much spicier and tastier content. Try to really imagine: Netflix, with kinky videos of all kinds and all the most famous and used features on the world’s most famous video streaming platform. Stuff not to be detached from the screen anymore! In the end, it doesn’t take long, holy shit: give me a chance to improve you, let me watch again the videos I liked the most, you will also know if they’re interesting or crap: I mean, get feedback that allows you to improve my experience. Nothing. IncestFlix totally screws up its attempt to compare itself to Netflix: only with the logo, you don’t go anywhere. You also need a comfortable and simple functionality to win me over.

Legal and specific content for those who desire "incest."

As for the categories and contents, you will certainly not be disappointed: you will find everything you can imagine relating to family fucks and incests. While it’s not a standing ovation site, at least it doesn’t show illegal content. Hats off. Nothing that would suggest illegal or real incest, all legal and fake pornography. This is very important because I myself was very doubtful and fearful of encountering content that was not adequate.

As an aggregation site, Incestiflix does not have the videos directly on its page but has links to the different tube pages. I don’t prefer aggregator sites; they usually are too slow and complex. Another positive thing, on Incestflix, there are no links to unknown sites but only to familiar websites.

One of the pains in the ass, on the other hand, is linked to a large number of popups present. They look like landmines spread all over the screen. I mean, every time you click somewhere on the screen, some bullshit comes out. It doesn’t even matter where: video thumbnails, background, menu buttons, fucking everywhere. You can’t even click on the scrollbar! Ok, many sites have this problem, but Incestflix is ​​really terrible about it. Enough is enough! Worst of all, each video is played before starting the porn video, meaning when your little friend is already straight like a tree trunk, they show you an ad. Terrible.

Personally, the stuff like this really pisses me off!

All in all, this site really needs to make up for lost ground compared to the other thousands of sites that have sprung up in the meantime if it is going to survive into 2021 as well. Probably you’ll like IncestFlix if you’re looking for specific videos about “stepsister” or “stepdaughter”, but I suggest you dedicate yourself to better-curated sites. Finally, if you don’t mind wasting your time with bursts of unnecessary popups, maybe it’s the right site for you.

Faptasticlist got a boner with IncestFlix because

Faptasticlist goes soft with IncestFlix because


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