Dear wanker, if you are looking for a porn site that allows you to access the latest hardcore sex videos, with a smooth and above all free viewing of erotic scenes in a classic format, with, now, you have found a treasure!

From the moment you arrive on the homepage of the site, you will be able to find the New Scenes recently uploaded, with many more links and links to various destinations so that you can search for the most suitable porn videos for your heavy cock in the panties. In short, to make you spray big. Of course, we’re talking about legal porn, presented clearly and transparently. LegalPorno immediately differentiates itself from its competitors for high-quality graphics: it achieves its goal of sucking you into a whirlwind of filth and making you click on videos.

How to best surf on

To avoid getting lost in thousands of certainly fascinating but too generic videos, my personal advice as a porn addict is to go directly to the categories page, better called “Genres”, so you can immediately choose what to watch between bondage BBW, blowjobs and porn ebony. Roughly, there should be around 40,000 video clips available for us porn geeks, not bad for any filth archive out there.

Of course, even on, some genres have more scenes than others: you can check for yourself which categories are best provided by looking at the red number next to their name.

For example, you will find that the category dedicated to pissing of all kinds is the smallest ever, with only 4 scenes; on the contrary, you will undoubtedly find those concerning the anal world among the most popular videos. In total, there are well over 5475 nasty contents involving anus and ass, with as many as 3270 videos showing you close-ups of just gaping holes – gorgeous!

If, by chance, you already know which artist makes you so horny that even your grandmother throws you, the model index should be the first place to visit on

There, you can sort the mermaids according to their popularity or alphabetical order; you can also choose to view them by nationality or study. Not just girls, though: there is also a category dedicated to the horniest boys, with an entire section for gay and trans porn and a whole list of actors in this area. The site is so well structured that it allows you to sort videos by year of production or even by month.’s archives started in 2012, so you’ll have plenty of choices to satisfy your huge craving for hardcore porn.

Over time, the attention of us professional masturbators has shifted more and more to videos concerning anal filth and the whole world of the ass in general; you will soon understand by browsing the pages of that you are in anal sex heaven.

The recording studios and the forum

Another trendy and interesting way to explore this website dedicated to hardcore porn is by searching for recording studios: you will not find the usual big names in the sector, but only small players in the market make really high-quality content. For example, you will find Mr Anal, a non-coincidental name considering the specialization of this studio; Giorgio Grandi, on the other hand, offers 856 stunning scenes of filth, specially dedicated to the use of the mouth. Almost everyone is obsessed with asses, rightfully so, but you’ll also find a few studios that deal with gonzo porn, although these are yet to be explored to the fullest.

To learn more about the recording studios that are on the site, you can trust the forum: you won’t find them all, but you will surely hear a lot about, Gio, glam porn, focus, interracial vision, Assablanca and American Anal. The forum is the place to stay up-to-date on all the latest uploaded scenes, with the ability to leave personal feedback on an artist or performance, post a request or talk dirty with other pigs specializing in masturbation.

Below you will see a kind of sub-form with a general discussion encouraging people to talk about legal porn and girl performance. This is a trendy section on, considering that so far, you can find 1,447,202 registered members who have made over 215,000 posts with more than 12,657 different topics. Fascinating numbers make you realize that you are not the only nymphomaniac on this planet: extraordinary! is heaven for 4k hardcore porn videos

Going back to the reasons that prompted you to get more information on this dirty site, you have a huge collection of scenes that you can download at 1080p! The amazing thing is that you don’t need to be registered with an account to do this.

Most other porn sites often have HD videos, but the number of 4k videos that offers is exceptional! I cannot quantify the number numerically, but I can guarantee you that there are enough to leave you very satisfied.

As expected, this mode brings with it good and bad news: among the good ones, you can stream the clips you want, as much as you want, as often as you want, for as long as you want, without having to create an account; the bad news is that if you want to have the full videos, you definitely need to register at and spend some money.

Combine the site’s features mentioned earlier with the fact that xHamster also runs their own cam site (yes, some of the models are also searchable on their dating page). You’ve got a behemoth with a community made up of pigs and sluts, which they share and find endless amounts of dirty content, as well as having the real chance to meet and fuck the girl of their dreams. I want to tell you that there are no other similar sites out there at the moment, so we are talking about something very, very special.

As always, the better you pay, the more you see!

Trying to keep your feet on the ground without dreaming too much, let’s remember that, like all porn sites, even is not a charity and is a real business; it needs to make money somehow. How? By selling you full-length access. They have devised a system where members can purchase tickets, which can later be exchanged for videos. The news that can relax is that once purchased, the clips are yours for all life! You got it right, your favourite kinky vids always at hand …and handkerchiefs! Plus, if you choose to purchase one of the 3 available ticket passes, you’ll also have the chance to access nearly 2000 free bonus scenes. To give you a concrete example of prices, the 42-ticket package, which is also the cheapest, costs $ 29.90.

There is also a “studio subscription” solution, but it is currently available exclusively for Glam Porn and costs $ 29.99, giving you access to all their scenes made from day one to the time of purchase. Members are also offered purchasing tickets directly, with 6 options available: the cheapest costs $ 12.90 and gives you 10 tickets, while the most expensive is $ 219.90 and is worth 250.


If you wonder why you should pay to watch videos on LegalPorno, the answer is quite obvious: you can have access to the complete filth, the best clips ever, and at any time of the day, week, month, year! There is also a huge advantage in being a registered member, that is, you can suggest ideas for the scenes to make, and you could really see them made and acted on the screen! Cool! You will also be able to request special male actors for some videos.

To conclude, the 4k video clips that you can enjoy for free are certainly a valid reason to give an extremely positive personal rating for Really well done! Finally, a great place to find high-quality hardcore porn videos to fiddle around with.

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