Hello young wanker or horny desperate old man, welcome back to faptasticlist.com or welcome if we never met. If you are reading these lines, you are most likely trying to figure out if Live Jasmin can become your favourite site for live sex cams out of all the shit you have found on the internet so far. If not, you can vent all your frustration by playing with your finch between your legs. Otherwise, you are in the right place, and you can get ready for the show you were looking for. In fact, Livejasmin.com is really what you need if you are a fan of beautiful and young girls showing themselves naked live on your screen. I will now try to explain to you the reasons that lead me to affirm all this, so prepare your handkerchiefs and relax.

Many people agree with the definition of Chaturbate show on the website: “The act of masturbating while chatting online”. Gorgeous! Just defining a simple gesture like masturbating art is pure poetry for our fapping ears. Since my dick is hardening in front of all these tits, I’d say it’s a good time to try Chaturbating.

First of all, in LiveJasmin, they know what is meant by design.

Finding ourselves in 2021, it seems obvious to imagine finding on the web only websites with a refined and pleasing design. In fact, we all know that this is absolutely not the case, unfortunately. There aren’t many sites that have actually thought about a good design of their pages; we are no longer in the 90s, and we all worry when we land on a site with terrible graphics. LiveJasmin emphasised this aspect and made sure to make the design perfect so that you can’t get any insult or criticism about it. Surely, we can consider it a brilliant move: they invested in creating good graphics from the beginning, which allowed them to differentiate themselves a lot from other live cam sites. Another advantage due to the attention to graphic details is the improved functionality of LiveJasmin.com: as soon as you click on a live stream, you can understand what I’m talking about. The screen becomes scrollable, with the ability to see all the features available to enhance your experience. Of course, some of these features are behind a paywall, but we can’t expect a totally free luxury service. You can still watch the streaming for free, but the flaw is that it has a limited time duration.

Once, they told me: "Eyes of ice, first you pay, and then you play!"

I’ll never forget it. Summer, classic warm Italian evening, plenty of wine and beer, a few joints and some good music. Many friends categorized as “sausage” disappointed by the absence of pussy, the boredom that begins to take over. No, this is not the beginning of an Italian gay gangbang. Here comes the idea to turn the evening around: a good game of poker under the stars! Everyone puts the money on the table to participate; at that moment, I found myself with nothing in my pocket, and I proposed to play on credit. If I had won, I would take the money and greetings; I would have paid with the winner the next day in case of defeat. It was at that exact moment that one of the group stood up and, slightly tipsy, with a very stern look, said to me: “Ice eyes, first you pay, and then you play!”. In short, no cash, no game. This little personal curtain to tell you that the story does not change even on LiveJasmin.com. Yes, you got it right, you can only watch a stream for a limited period of time before your available timing expires; at that point, you will have only two choices: turn everything off and rub yourself on the pillow or subscribe to the site. You will have to pay for most of the things you see, but if you think live sex cams are really worth your time, then it is the right investment to make to play live with young and charming girls who are very horny as you. If you even dare to whip up some extra cash, you have the option of attending totally private shows, where you will be face to face with a beautiful mermaid who will do anything to make your cock hard like an oak log. Believe me, the oak trunk is also a limiting comparison for how much the girls of Live Jasmin will make you horny.

Search for your nasty stream on live cam yourself

You have all the freedom of choice possible, you are not forced to limit yourself to a specific gender of girl, but you can vary according to your preferences and tastes. On the left of the screen, you will find the option that allows you to select the types of girls you prefer from all the categories on LiveJasmin.com. An infinite number of options allows you to find the perfect girl to masturbate with in life. And that fresh young peach is waiting for you right now. Will she already be naked, or will she still be wearing some stratospheric thong? Let me know since you are already online. The cards to use are elementary proof for a brain-damaged person like me, so don’t worry and enjoy your dirty moment in peace.


First of all, choose the general category you prefer to see between single girls or couples having live sex. You can select the type of show that makes you the horniest from 5 different types: Free Chat, where you obviously pay nothing to type and send your dirty messages; Private chat, where even if you breathe, you pay; VIP show, considering the price, it is intended only for vibrant boys and big boys; VibraToy, the charming little game whereby donating money to the girl on cam, you have the opportunity to activate the vibrator that is placed in her sweet and soft hoo-ha, choosing how and how much to make it vibrate and consequently squirt in front of your eyes; finally, Two-way Audio, for all those who consider themselves very adventurous and are looking for a direct and personal experience.


In a nutshell, on Live Jasmin, you can find all possible and imaginable price ranges, from the super cheap ones for poor louts like me to the part dedicated to the mega scroungers who have a lot of money to spend in the world of filth. Blessed are you pigs! In any case, any of us will find girls of all ages, shapes, colours and sizes, to satisfy even the tastes of the fussiest. It is no coincidence that the site is in many different languages, so we recommend that you check that yours is supported.

Teen or Milf: you will find everything on LiveJasmin.com

Another setting widely used by Live Jasmin users is “Age of the live cam girls”, which allows you to determine if you are going to see some fresh meat, fresh girls, or a beautiful MILF, maybe with a butt a little bit saggy, but with a lot of experience to share. And you always choose according to your pervert tastes!

Among the possibilities, you can find ethnic groups of all kinds, including the most traditional and sought-after ones; you can choose the look you prefer, from young and thin goats to fat hungry stuffed whales, or a splendid middle ground in short, really what you want. Yes, don’t worry, you also find hairy pussies and girls with nipple piercings, those with tattoos and even the yummy ones in long stockings. You really have a world of possibilities at your disposal. You are the master, and you choose your destiny. You splash at the end of each show.

Finally, you can decide what to do concretely with the girls in streaming: Live Jasmin allows you to see shows of all kinds, from striptease to hardcore fingering, passing through giant dildo sessions. Honestly, there is little better than getting all the attention of horny young bitches on live cam just with you and for you, which make your cock hard from the first to the last second.

If, after all this, you were wondering if you can also find nice sausages besides potatoes, the answer is yes. There are also young dudes and old veterans on air ready to show off to make pigs like you cum. Anything is allowed when it comes to filth, and you have every right and my support to enjoy the solid buttocks of some handsome sporty hunk masturbating in front of your eyes with you. If you are a regular visitor to Live Jasmin, you can review your search history and find streams you have previously viewed. A very sensible move as we usually tend to get attached to some cam girls and want to see them again and again as they make us cum in a unique way. Personally, I fell in love with some of them! Guys, what would I do to them if only I could see them live for once! But thank god livejasmin.com allows me to do all this sitting comfortably on my chair, in the darkness of my bedroom.

The final judgment: real nasty live on cam

In short, all this to tell you that Live Jasmin is a very complete and well structured live cam site, which offers many possibilities unless you are a free member. Usually, we stoners confuse the name with “jasmin live”, “jasmin cams”, and “livejasmine” in a rush to start masturbating, but LiveJasmin.com is great for those with a little money to spend on filth, which he will be surprised at the options available to us. However, if you are a free and skimpy user with little money to spend, you may soon get frustrated and realize that your experience is severely limited. Except for this detail, a lot of stuff!

Faptasticlist got a boner with LiveJasmin because

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