Mia Khalifa Biography

The beautiful Mia Khalifa was born in Beirut on February 10, 1993. During her adolescence, the family moved to Montgomery County, Maryland and since 2000 has lived in the United States of America. After a few years, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from the University of Texas at El Paso. Currently, Mia resides in Miami, Florida. She said she was bullied during her time in high school due to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

She decides to enter the porn industry in October 2014, very soon reaching the top of the ranking of the most clicked videos on one of the most famous porn sites in the world, nothing less than Pornhub, even beating the competition of Lisa Ann, Madison Ivy and Jayden James. An absolutely remarkable result. She appeared in several productions of the Bang Bros film house, where she also received a lot of criticism and threats for having acted in a film wearing a hijab, the typical veil of Muslim women, as well as for having publicly displayed a tattoo where a phrase of the national anthem of Lebanon together with the cross of the symbol of the Christian conservative Lebanese party. In 2016, on the crest of her worldwide success in the porn industry, she announces to retire forever from the scene due to death threats received by ISIS and Mia’s ever-growing belief that she is being exploited for her beauty. she.

To try to understand the success that Mia Khalifa was achieving in the world of hardcore adult films, just think that she officially left pornography in 2016, but given its great popularity, the film house Bang Bros has decided to re-release over the years to follow some movies starring Mia again, made in 2014, changing her name to Mia is Back from 2017 and Hotter Than Ever from 2018, in the hopes of not disappointing the thousands of fans of one of the hottest girls in the porn world. Indeed, one of the scenes in these films was included in another porn film released in 2019, Bang Bros Invasion 22, to celebrate Mia’s big name and pay homage to her short but intense career. Very intense.

This did not please the former porn star, who has repeatedly requested its removal, without success. For this reason, on June 25, 2020, one of Mia’s biggest fans launched a petition on the Change.org platform, calling it “Justice for Mia”, obtaining in a few hours the 500 thousand signatures required to permanently delete these videos. Mia Khalifa has been trying for years to erase her past in the world of porn, defined by herself as the lowest and most confusing period of her life; she has always denied having made big bucks with pornographic films, unlike the film industries that have made millions of dollars in revenue. For this reason, she has always felt exploited by her employers, unable to find a truly satisfying activity that began almost out of simple curiosity.

After abandoning the red lights, Mia decided to open a channel dedicated to video games, on the Twitch online streaming platform. She also had an experience as a presenter from 2017 to 2018, where she, together with Gilbert Arenas, presented the show Out of Bounds on the Complex News Youtube channel. From September 2020 she instead landed on OnlyFans, where she declared with some serenity that she had finally found a full-time job. We can only thank her for those spicy years that she gave us and respect her courageous choice, the young Mia Khalifa made us harden like crazy also for her character.



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