Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, we have the immense pleasure of introducing you to the most famous and popular free porn site in the world! Often our keyboard and the great rush make us write alternative names like “PronHub”, “PorHub”, or “Poenhub”, but don’t worry because you are not the only ones. His real name is Porn Hub, born in 2007 from an idea by Matt Keezer, who, however, could not give up the smell of cash that was offered him in 2010 and therefore decided to sell it to Fabian Thylmann, who brought the site to be part of Manwin’s team, nowadays better known as Mindgeek. In this last are counted other pillars of the porn world such as YouPorn and RedTube and a variety of premium porn sites of the calibre of Brazzers and Digital Playground. Despite being among the most popular sites, PornHub is not the most used, even if it boasts the number of largest porn videos uploaded ever: 13.2 million to date!

Now let’s face it, we’re not Christopher Columbus, we’ve not discovered America, so we’re pretty sure you’ve already visited Porn Hub at least once in your life; probably, you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people who have visited the site today, as they do every day.

Surely you will use it to strengthen your forearms and look more and more like Sylvester Stallone in Rocky Balboa, and I can only praise your choice. The great variety of videos available trains all the muscles you want when you want it.

Now let’s see for a moment what are the features that make Porn Hub one of the most famous free porn sites in the world.

How to create the largest porn video channel on the web

Did you know that Porn Hub was mentioned in the 2013 romantic comedy Don John? The movie is about a fap addict who can’t stop masturbating on the web, even though he always fucks, every day. I wonder how they could have chosen a stunted like Joseph Gordon-Levitt instead of me in the lead role. A loser like him who fucks Scarlett Johansson? No way, not even in a movie! In fact, even the director has changed his mind, replacing the co-star with Julianne Moore. I bet you are now thinking you, too, could make a script of your lonely life locked in the room to present in Hollywood!

Anyway, yes, is the very favourite site for those like you, your colleagues, your friends, those who drink at the bar on Friday nights, those who go to the library just to meet a girl and every time they find themselves home has a handkerchief in hand (or maybe a whole package). You may not know, but every morning your mom yells at your dad to stop watching Porn Hub and go back to bed. Yes, because it’s a lot easier for him to fiddle with old kinky memories about his youthful fucks than take the famous blue pill, wait twenty minutes for little Charlie to transform into Godzilla, and slip him into that flaccid old head which is your mother. No offence, of course. Seriously I love my mom, but that’s how I see her. To make you understand that everyone uses Porn Hub, consider that the meme posted on Tik Tok forces teachers, teachers and parents to pretend they do not know what is in front of their students. Silently confirming that everyone really likes this site.

A large part of Porn Hub’s popularity is due to its huge range of categories available to all wankers. Their dedicated page has over 100 different types, which satisfy all tastes, even the most sinful. Among the main categories, we find the most classic Blowjob and Anal, Asian and Ebony, with Big Tits or Big Ass, Young or Mature, or Young WITH Mature. In the Amateur section, you will find over 300,000 do-it-yourself sex movies, 15,000 vintage movies that your dad and probably your grandfather would jerk off to, not to mention another 20,000 videos that apparently drive the girls crazy. I personally am a sucker for public sex and kinky cartoons; among you louts, I’m sure to find hentai and lesbian lovers too: therefore, don’t worry, there are thousands of videos for you too! And what about perverts? Of course, they can dive into the Bondage category or go straight into the Fetish zone. All those crazy for family sex will be disappointed by the absence of their favourite category: in fact, there is no reserved area for these videos, however by searching for “Taboo” and “Step”, you can find a lot of suitable porn content. Even the “Pee” videos are available in spades, so, really, the choice is vast and satisfying. Perfect for a couple of cumshots on a cold afternoon of pouring rain.

All your favourite stars fuck for free for you.

Not only does have a vast range of filth in it, but it also has all kinds of girls possible and imaginable that go to make them. From angelic and innocent looking teens showing off their naked young bodies on webcam to MILFs getting it in a soccer locker room or in their neighbour’s garage; sluts getting banged and choked with cums and being penetrated in every hole possible, for the sweet tooth, by an entire hockey team: this website has everything! Imagine white girls, black girls, skinny girls, fat girls, big ass girls and everything you want. Do you like famous pornstars like Mia Khalifa, Brandy Love and Stormy Daniels? Perfect, my friend. On the Pornstars page, every video from every industry has been ranked by popularity; here, you can find plenty of free porn videos available. It is super easy to watch all the videos of your favourite actress and subscribe directly to her nasty channel, thus creating a personalised perv feed with all the news published up to date. Most popular girls have hundreds or even thousands of free videos on the site; Riley Reid has almost 900, Adriana Chechik nearly 2000, and the eternal and irreplaceable Mia Khalifa has about 5000. Absolutely not bad for a girl who has been working in the industry for a short time!

Some of you, great porn scholars, see something wrong with this. Actually, Mia hasn’t shot 5000 movies in 3 months but 12. In fact, there are a lot of duplicate videos on the site, a big problem, especially with superstars like miss Khalifa. I think this won’t make you too mad as you slam your little friend like a blender.

PornHub Premium Subscription

When it comes to paid subscriptions, PornHub has a Premium format that, in particular, allows you to download videos in 4K Ultra-HD. Pornhub Premium is free for the first week, after which it switches to a $9.99 monthty subscription. Along with the Premium version, VR is also provided. As icing on the cake, you can also send personalised gift cards, obviously with a porn theme.

 What can I add on They are certainly the kings of porn tubes regarding the massive collection of kinky videos that they make available, continuously updated and constantly growing but mainly easy to see. A real treat for those who want to masturbate without wasting too much time in shit but going straight to the point. Considering that the biggest part is also free, bingo!

Faptasticlist got a boner with PornHub because

Faptasticlist goes soft with PornHub because


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