If you are fed up with your usual traditional porn channels where you just have to browse so many pages, and you are ready to be the real star of your masturbation show, I highly recommend you check out XHamster. It’s completely free to register as a member (and even if you don’t want to, you still have access to all of their content, except for the social media section). I warmly invite you to register and try your luck to hit some of the horny girls that live in your area. Maybe it will be the right time that, after playing by yourself all day, you touch a piece of meat that is not yours.

Chances are very good that any of you reading this has fapped at least once in your life on xHamster, not “xhampster”, “hamster xxx”, “xhanster”, “xhamester”, “exhamster”, xhamsters “,” xhams “,” xhmaster “,” x-hamster “,” xhamter “or” hamsterx “, stoners. Indeed, I will relaunch further, probably for many of you it will also be a favourite website for many of you, I’m sure. Data speaks for themself: over 10 million sluts are in your position and have even signed up. After XVideos and Pornhub, it is the third most popular and well-known pornographic site on the internet.

Based in Limassol, Cyprus, xHamster was founded in 2007 by Alex Hawkings. The minds behind the site wanted to do something different than what they saw most porn sites doing at the time. Coming from the peak of popularity of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, the founders of xHamster decided to create a website that was a union between a classic social page and its features with the characteristics of a normal porn site. In short, a social network of those who are officially horny.

The horniest social network existing

This website was initially created to reach “people who wanted to chat, exchange erotic photos and share amateur videos … to find mutual friends online and perhaps discover partners interested in intimate relationships”. Considering the goal they had set themselves, it can be said that they have fully succeeded in their intent: the site is teeming with amateur content made by normal people like your neighbour who have the luck unlike you to squeeze a nice naked chick.

As for the part “discovering partners interested in intimate relationships”, it would certainly be curious to be able to go and retrieve the opinions and thoughts of those who have tried the function personally, to understand if the final goal has been achieved or not. Of course, one would think that it is challenging for romantic stories to be born from an encounter on a porn site, but love and sex always hide pleasant surprises. I have never felt the need to use a site like xHamsters to search for my “soul mate”. At most, a good “fuck”.

A site like xHamster, which allows its users to upload pretty much anything they want without verifying or checking the content, was bound to be flooded by illegal and fucked up material and people who fuck unaware of being filmed and shared online. However, xHamster did not stand still in this situation and took concrete action to help fight the rape phenomenon in America. For example, he decided to ban all videos involving rape, including those that showed sex with unconscious partners. Even if their social and political involvement does not stop there, I will not continue on the matter yet.

A social media that makes cum?

Arriving on xHamster’s home page, it’s hard not to immediately notice how clean the site is and how easy to navigate the web design. The videos are divided into two simple and very distinct categories: hot porn videos and newer porn videos. On xHamster, you can also easily filter by length: this feature is absolutely very interesting, especially since amateur videos tend to be very short. Sometimes too much.

You can easily filter the search results by category, channel or pornstar just by clicking on it on the left side. On xHamster, you can also combine the available tags with one click, a great feature if you think about it. It is practically impossible to find on all other sites, but very useful for searching the kind of perv stuff that is totally in line with our interests.

You can also easily filter videos so that you only see straight, gay or trans contents. The most annoying thing xHamster added recently is a watermark integrated on top of all videos. Sometimes it really ruins your fap experience when you’re about to see a guy ready to cum on that pretty girl’s face, and then, voila, that terrible watermark that reads “this video has been uploaded to xHamster” appears on the girl’s face ready to be flooded like a plant waiting for the sprinkler. Definitely frustrating.

xHamster Premium: for all possible and imaginable tastes

In addition to the millions of videos and photos available for free, they also have thousands of user-created erotic story pages to choose from on xHamster Stories, if that’s your favourite genre. They also offer xHamster Premium, FapHouse, which allows you to purchase full-length premium content, one video at a time. This is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to commit to a monthly membership fee for a set amount of time and wants to enjoy a premium porn movie once in a while.

Combine the site’s features mentioned earlier with the fact that xHamster also runs their own cam site (yes, some of the models are also searchable on their dating page). You’ve got a behemoth with a community made up of pigs and sluts, which they share and find endless amounts of dirty content, as well as having the real chance to meet and fuck the girl of their dreams. I want to tell you that there are no other similar sites out there at the moment, so we are talking about something very, very special.

The overall conclusion is that xHamster is a well-designed site with tons of content that allows you to interact with the real world of porn like never before. Chances are you can spend hours on xHamster and forget that time is passing. There is so much to fiddle with that site that you almost risk consuming your friend down there. Come on, now is the time to go and leaf through their pages; who knows that I find a beautiful slut nearby that I fall in love with all my life. Good luck to you too!

Faptasticlist got a boner with xHamster because

Faptasticlist goes soft with xHamster because


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