And here we are finally, my dear perverts of all ages, genders and categories, ready to talk about the big blue elephant that sat quietly in the beautiful waiting room full of porn sites and began to enjoy extraordinary success. With a whopping 3 billion views per month, despite its funky blue layout that is very reminiscent of the style of the 90s, (sister site of XVideos) promises to be one of the best porn sites of 2021, full of filth for all conceivable types of pigs

When I tell you full of cum, I mean that XNXX currently has nearly 8 million videos made available for free streaming. If you go to this site, you seriously run the risk of scrolling through the pornographic collections of MILFs, Latinas and teens without ever finding a video you have already seen; you could spend your life scrolling through all the available content, always encountering new, never seen content. A real feast of fucks, squirts, asses and tits.

The real porn is in here!

I want to thank you very much for your trust, my dear reader, but I would like to ask you: if you have never seen XNXX yet, what the fuck are you still doing here? Go now and see what this new porn giant can offer you, have a couple of sprinkles, and then you can go back to reading the rest of the article calmly and relaxed. Very relaxed.

Starting from the main page, you immediately understand that XNXX is not a fly-by-night operation; they have porn videos from the big names in the industry like Mofos, BangBros, Brazzers, and FakeTaxi. All studios usually offer their mega content with premium subscriptions, while on XNXX, you can find them visible for free. Sensational pussy!

The site is built on the social media model, allowing users to like or comment on their favourite video clips. Initially, the default view shows the most popular content, and I have to say that the XNXX community really has a certain taste in pork.

An interesting aspect to point out is that the various porn skits last no more than 10 minutes, and between the filters, it is not possible to sort the filth by length, so if you are a fan of long videos, you can jerk off to it while watching two young sisters licking each other. pussy, and they rub each other like two steaks on the butcher’s counter; you will have to get used to experiences a little shorter but intense. Otherwise, you will have to hold on to luck and scroll through the more than 8 million videos available to find the ones that can satisfy your incredible urge to squirt.

Super sexy girls in scandalous situations

If you have wondered how it is possible that XNXX can show this content, I’ll explain it to you right away. The hope is that viewing some premium content will lead users to subscribe directly to the major porn sites and the production houses themselves.

Updating the front page several times, you always find yourself dealing with super sexy whores in scandalous and hot situations, such as Angelina Castro who apparently enjoys great success on the XNXX home page and among its users. One of her films on her cover was a student / lesbian teacher theme, with the young Cuban performing in the company of juicy Sara Jay and another beautiful potato. Of course, I immediately got horny and decided to click on this one. Mmm, when I see the schoolgirls in miniskirts with those beautiful thighs that come out and start teasing the teacher who can’t help but get his cock sucked like there’s no tomorrow. They drive me crazy.

Going back to our video on XNXX, I find that the clip is 8 minutes long and is from DailySex.Club, but I can easily see it like all the other videos that come from Premium sites. I also have the possibility to select the type of definition that best suits my connection speed, and I can have access to the different downloadable versions.

I can assure you that all this is exceptional: going from one point to another in the video to find out everything that awaits me, I have not found any buffering problems, not even minimal. Another nice surprise was certainly that of not having received even spam; usually, we all expect at least one pop up when we watch videos on most free porn sites, but not on

Just as the new Whatsapp feature allows you to listen to audio at double speed, so on XNXX, you can adjust the speed of the video; There is also an innovative loop function that allows you to review your favourite little slut who gets a litre of cum sprayed on her face without interruption. But as a famous saying goes, “all that glitters is not gold”, there is also a negative aspect to underline.

Not all doughnuts come out with the hole - shame about the tags.

The tags seem of little use to me; you can imagine that being a free site, they are unwilling to hire a person to index every single sex scene in detail. In any case, taking back our video of Angelina mentioned above, only two tags below seem to me to be really limiting. A really well-organized site will have the Blowjob tag under each video where you see a beautiful young gluttonous cock sucking with the class and enthusiasm that only Michael Jordan in basketball would be able to replicate. Not to mention the Anal tag for all the pierced ass scenes and the Lesbian tag for the fresh meats rubbing each other. Our sample video only has two tags, blowjob and teacher, so it will be impossible to find it under other tags like Latinas or Big Boobs, which is slightly embarrassing for them, especially after all the good work they’ve done.

Shit, looking back on it, it’s a real shame because often I really want to look for something specific like a nice big creampie or piles of blondes having sex in public. Knowing that the tags do not perfectly reflect all the videos makes me turn my balls slightly, even worse if they are full.

As for genre tags, there is truly an infinite mountain of them. In the sidebar, there is an entire list of the main categories, which extends throughout the page; Ebony, MILF, Creampie and Gangbang are all there, as well as you can find even the most niche ones, for real nymphos to be clear, such as Pissing and Real Family Taboo. By clicking directly on the Complete list button, you will be directed to the page dedicated to the general index, where you can find the more than 2000 genres that XNXX makes available for its beloved fappers. But when I tell you that there is everything, really everything, I mean that you can find any genre that fully satisfies your cravings, including fisting, girls in fishnets banging like flabby old meats and young gays who don’t see. Wait to show you how they lick each other. And for lovers of big things? Don’t worry; you will also find the Big Black Cock, Big Booty and Big Tits categories.

Having a lot of gender tags doesn’t necessarily mean quality. Just think of Real Amateur Porn, Real Amateurs and Realamateur; having over 2000 categories can initially leave you pleasantly surprised, only to discover that in reality, it is the result of a shit job done with the tags. Easy to exalt these figures, but not if you reach them due to trivial typing errors: in fact, you may find yourself having to deal with the Masturbation category, but you will be missing out on other contents present under Masturbation, which you will hardly ever find typing except after drinking 5 glasses of rum. In short, dear creators of XNXX, you remind me of those footballers who miss goals alone in front of the goal and then make the beautiful, extraordinary ones, where they skip all the defence and score in reverse. One cannot fail to recognize the incredible work they have put together. Like true champions, certain disappointment remains when you discover that the most serious mistakes are the simplest ones to avoid.

But, though, there are a lot of positives that cover these dents. One of these is definitely the Best Of link in the corner of the page, which once clicked takes you to a section that we could define as a sort of time machine: here, you can search for the best porn videos made since April 2007, even the most famous ones that our horny stoner memory made us erase. Luckily, XNXX has a better memory than ours, and we can’t wait to freshen it up with some almost vintage splashes on our faces.

To give you an example, there is a video clip with a mother and her stepson with Mandy Flores that has been viewed over 250 million times! Crazy!

If you are a fan of long porn videos and prefer to take all the time you need to harden the little dinosaur you have between your legs, I recommend you go to the Hits section: here, you will find videos of even more than 30 minutes.

The part dedicated to the pictures is a big surprise: we all usually expect to see pictures of porn stars or screencaps of reviewable quality, but not on, where most of the pictures you find are amateur. You heard right, real young girls who of their own free will share their little body to make you masturbate at all hours of the day. So if you are a lover of dirty sharing, this is the right place to become the protagonist and not just fapper!

There really is something for everyone because, on XNXX, the link that leads to Sex Stories contains thousands and thousands of erotic readings for philosopher lovers of the porn genre. Also, on the forum, you can find interesting topics, from the most classic discussions on porn stars to unusual holes in which to soak our biscuit in the absence of fresh meat and fed up with the usual hand, up to much more decentralized topics such as politics and drugs, seen obviously from the point of view of the wanker community on

The page dedicated to porn stars is, unfortunately, a bit of a mess; it is difficult to be able to search for your favourite actress due to a monofunctional and robotic search filter, which only allows you to browse by initial letter or random mode, landing in a huge pile of sluts.

The bonus dedicated to horny people like you

There is one last cool thing that I want to tell you: the WWE wrestlers are also included in the list of porn stars; I initially wondered what the fuck was the reason, maybe to attract more audience, but then going to satisfy my curiosity by clicking on a wrestler, I found that they too have boiling amateur material to share, and this I assure you was a great surprise! If you are reading me, dear Alex Bliss, know that you and that sweet sporty ass have a new fan!

To conclude my opinion on the site, I must say that apart from the slightly spartan graphics and the messy tag system that occasionally makes you want to swear, I have found a truly high-level aggregator with a collection of porn videos so large that you can spend your entire life browsing the contents and always seeing new ones. With the adblocker running, you will not receive spam during your visit to the site. So, be careful not to fall for classic spelling errors such as “”, “xnxc”, xbxx “,” xnnxx “,” “,” XXNX “, XNXC”, “XNNX”, “XNXXX”, “XNXZ”, smoke and drink less and make a normal part of your daily routine.

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